Optimization Of Dragon City Offers Better Gaming Experience

dragon city game optimization

If you want to have a better and more specific mobile gaming experience, then you should try out the Dragon City game. The different elements and features of this game are highly beneficial and optimized, which has attracted millions of mobile gaming audiences all over the world.

The Compatibility Aspects

Developers of this game, Social Point, have now made it available for Intel Atom tablets for Android.

  • This collaboration will now see this game reach a wider section of the mobile phone users than before.
  • This collaboration has also enabled the developers of Dragon City to offer the players an entirely new visual experience part from the added compatibility.
  • It is the high-resolution display that enhances the stunning graphics of the game, which is a real feast for the eyes.

Most importantly, it is the lightweight portability that will allow the players to carry the game with them wherever they go.


In this game, you will need to provide food to the dragons to grow and function. These dragons, in turn, will help you to level up and gain experience. A major part of the dragon food is produced in farms that are optimized to:

  • Upgrade your produce
  • Maximize it and
  • Produce many different types of food.

You will be better off if you have lots of gold in your hand because using this, you can buy food from the dragon market. Remember, as per the rule of the game, you will need more food to feed your dragons at higher levels. To get more food in the game without spending any money is possible by using dragon city hack no survey sources such as mentioned here.

Engaging And Immersive Features

The game comes with some of the most immersive and appealing features that will transport a player to a magical land that is full of floating islands. Here they can breed, nurture, and collect lots of amazing dragons.

Ideally, there are ten different categories of a dragon that you can collect and produce. You can even combine a few to create some unique and stunning hybrids as well.

You can create and customize your Dragon City with different elements, such as:

  • The farms
  • Special buildings and
  • A wide range of attractive decorations.

The ability of the players to interact socially also optimizes the game because this social integration allows them to visit and even send gifts to their friends.

Add to that, the players can also train their dragons to emerge winners in fiery duels against the online opponents, and there will be many.

There are also several fun goals, challenges, and new dragons that are incorporated every week into the game, which further optimizes the experience allowing the players to discover exciting and new offers.

It is all these features that have enabled this game to find a place in the mobile phones of more than 50 million people all over the world.

More Players More Interaction

Now that the game is optimized for Android tablets, it has opened new avenues for the game as well as the players to find each other.

This ensures more social interaction and engagement among the players. Available in Google Play store, this is played most on Facebook.