Mario Kart Tour- Take A World Tour With Your Friends!

mario kart tour

Mario Kart Tour is one of the popular action-adventure games introduced by Nintendo for Android and iOS devices.

The game is an exciting action-adventure game where you can find lots of exciting tasks, missions, challenges, and so on.

Super 3D graphics, features, system, functions are added in the game, which makes it fantastic as compared to others.

Players don’t need to pay a cent for enjoying Mario Kart Tour game as the developers entirely offer it.

Hundreds of real racing tracks based on cities available in the game where you can race with other players.

Gamers can explore endless entertainment, reduce mental stress, besides can enhance their skills by playing Mario Kart Tour game.

In the post we are going to mention some master tips to progress in the game faster. Also, it permits all the games to understand every essential of the game more.

Grand stars

Grand stars are considered as one of the main elements of the game that helps you to unlock more racetracks as well as real tours of the Mario Kart Tour game.

If you want to play exciting tracks based on real cities, try to gain more grand stars. Coming number one all the times in bonus challenges allow players to earn this element.

Also, they can learn more grand stars instantly with the help of an app purchases feature. In this feature, you need to spend real money on purchasing the items as well as elements immediately without getting stressed.

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Collect more items

In order to gain more EXP’s as well as victories, try to collect in-game items more. During the race, users are going to find various topics that help them to win faster, like no one another can.

Make sure that you are capturing all the items during the race to gain an array of benefits as well as a bonus. Also, with the help of in game currencies, you can learn more items without getting stressed.


With the help of in game currencies, users can purchase every single item, element, upgrade of the game. There are two kinds of currencies available in the game, coins and rubies.

Coins play a vital role in the Mario Kart Tour game from which they can purchase different items. Whereas on the other hand, with the help of rubies, they can buy various upgrades of gears as well as winning techniques.

Completing more objectives, challenges, modes, daily spins helps users to gain more currencies without facing any issue. These are nothing but the legit mario kart cheats that you can use in the game itself.


Various exciting advanced features are there in the Mario Kart Tour game that you can use or enjoy. Mentioned below are some of the features that make the game mind-blowing as well as incredible.

  • Straightforward gameplay
  • Hundreds of different characters, racing tracks, controls are available
  • Bonus challenges
  • Events and challenges
  • Classic racing action modes
  • In-app purchases feature

If you are finding the best action racing 3D game, you must try the Mario Kart Tour game.