Hotel Empire Tycoon Guide for Newbies


Hotel Empire Tycoon is an elegant game for simulator lovers, and the game is all about luxury hotels and business. Millions of gamer are spending time on it and get some fun.

In the gameplay, the player will play the role of manager of the hotel and control over all aspects of the game. There are lots of different challenges and tasks for gaining many things.

If you are interested in it, then you can grab it by playstore or official game website. The game is free for everyone, and it is released by Codigames for the android platform. The users can also play it on the tablet without any changes.

For growing well, you have to increase your winning confidence and in which some currencies are used. Both cash and gems are major for purchasing new things.

Prior to play in the storyline, you should know how to begin in it, and in this tutorial, we are sharing some prime instructions.

Install it Quickly 

After downloading it, we can go with the installation process. The size of the game is around 53 MB, and you can easily install it on the mobile device.

The users have to confirm some kinds of permissions. Keep track of all info and turn on your GPS for optimum results. The individual has to enable some notifications for the latest updates.

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Complete Signup

In the starting, you will see some methods for login, and everyone is picking social media. In which you can also meet with some new friends and play with them.

Get some exciting gifts and prizes for some extra profits. We no need to fill all the fillers just enter username and password of your Facebook account.

However, there are lots more ways available to earn free gems in the game.

Know Some Adjustments 

Basic settings are essential for playing, and you should not skip that. The controls of the game are handy for everyone, and you have to spend some time on it. Make some small changes for adjustments, and by it, the player can change various default settings.

Features of the Game:

All of the steps are a fine way for understanding the game, but the players need to know the ultimate features. The game is full of some unique key factors that are making it more famous.

HD Graphics

The high definition visual graphics are enough for attracting more users. With them, we can see the detailing of each object and is also helpful for seeing the beauty of rooms, outdoor locations, designs, and more things.

Smooth to Play

Anyone will get a smooth playing experience with the optimized platform. Each thing of the game is perfectly run on it, and you will not face any problem while playing.

Combine with a Social Account 

Our friends double the gaming experience, and for it, you can hit the social account. The user can combine the game with Facebook account. It makes the game interesting, and we will invite more friends for challenging tasks. The gamers can improve their performance by going to all listed features.