An Ultimate Beginners Guide to Toon Blast Game

ultimate beginners guide to toon blast game

Lots of puzzle games are out there by the game industry for different platforms; Toon Blast is one of them getting fame all over the world.

Toon Blast is an exciting cartoon puzzle game introduced for Android and iOS devices. Many challenging puzzles with the most significant rewards are available in the game that you need to complete.

Passing each mission or level offers a certain number of cool prizes, in game currencies, rewards to users as bonus or motivation.

Playing the game smoothly helps them to explore unlimited joy besides reducing stress. Solving each level or puzzle correctly helps to enhance mental power at a high level.

It’s not an easy task to progress in the game faster as users need to spend a lot of effort on puzzles. But with the help of master strategies, they can progress more quickly.

In the post, we are going to mention some of the toon blast cheats and strategies that help you a lot.

Find different combos

In the early stages, you are going to see different combos at the bottom of the device screen. Combos help you to destroy a higher number of cubes in a single time or once. It means only in one move you can pass more than half level.

Try to use the combos correctly as leveling up faster brings more hard challenges and tasks. Using combos in hard levels permits players to pass it smoothly without getting stressed or tensed.

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Also, in higher levels, you need to find the combos in the standards because the bottom combos or items get disappear.

In other words, using all combos correctly helps to win more levels as soon as possible, like no one another can.

Blast unique puzzles and use boosters in the specific case

For destroying a large number of cubes or passing levels faster, try to find individual puzzles. In each level, gamers are going to see some individual puzzles from which they can make a big blast.

It helps them to earn a lot of cool rewards, bonus or in game currencies. On the other hand, when players got stuck on hard levels, they can easily use boosters.

Booster is a kind of bomb which can be used in hard situations or when players not able to solve the puzzle fast.

Also, they are suggested to use boosters correctly as it’s not an easy task to earn it more quickly.

Create or join teams

When users reach level 20th, they are able to join or create a strong team. If you are going to create it, you need to spend a certain amount of coins (in game currencies) as a charge.

Teammates are allowed to help each other in a hard situation with that you can pass all missions, challenges quickly without getting stressed.

Taking some help from teammates permits gamers to reduce tension on how to give the task or how to gain rewards. So, try to create or join a team after completing the 19th level.

Don’t forget to obtain in-game currencies more in order to play smoothly or progress faster.